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How and what?



Your access to Freshtival

How do I register my ticket by name?

Your purchased Freshtival tickets must first be registered on your name before you receive them. How this works? Read on!

  • After purchasing your tickets you will receive a confirmation email from Paylogic. In here you will find a link to the page to add your  personal information for each ticket recipient. Click on continue after completion!
  • Check carefully whether the data has been entered correctly and click on confirm. The personalization of your ticket(s) has been completed.
  • You will receive an e-mail with the personalized tickets.

NB: lost confirmation email or the email with your tickets? Request this again via this Paylogic site!

Can I still sell or change my personalized ticket?

Have you bought a ticket from someone who was already personalized? Or would you like to take someone else to Freshtival? No problem, there are two different options for solving this.

1. Sell your tickets via Ticketswap. Freshtival has a collaboration with this platform! SecureSwap means that the tickets sold are exchanged for a new ticket that is directly in the name of the new owner. The old ticket, which is still in the seller’s possession, is therefore automatically invalid. This makes it 100% safe to sell and buy your tickets through this platform. Click here to swap!
2. You can change your ticket details quickly and easily via the special Name Change Module from Paylogic. Keep in mind that € 3 per ticket will be charged for the change.

I have bought a ticket but have not received it or I cannot find it anywhere else. What now?

Use this page to get your ticket sent again.

Are you stuck? No problem! Visit the Paylogic Customer Service Help Center.

My ticket has been stolen. What should I do?

This page explains exactly what steps you should take if your ticket is stolen.

Do you still sell tickets at the door?

If Freshtival is not sold out, tickets will still be available at the door. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the latest updates!

Do I have to print the ticket (s) in A4 format and in color?

If you print your ticket(s), do this in A4 format, otherwise the barcode is too small to scan. However, it is not necessary to print the tickets in color (unless specifically stated on the ticket). The barcode is the most important, so make sure it is clearly visible!

It is also possible to have your ticket scanned from your mobile phone. Keep in mind that the internet connection is not always stable. We therefore advise you to download your ticket on your phone and make a screenshot before you go to Freshtival, so that you always have your digital ticket quickly at hand.

Also make sure that the brightness of your screen is at maximum.

Can tickets also be scanned from a mobile phone?

Yes, it is possible to scan tickets from a mobile phone. Keep in mind that the internet connection is not always stable. We therefore advise you to download your ticket in advance on your phone and to make a screenshot so that you always have your digital ticket quickly at hand.

Also make sure that the brightness of your screen is at maximum.

How do I collect my pre-sale tokens?

After arrival you can collect your tokens at the pre-sale cash registers via your printed ticket or via the ticket on your mobile. The pre-sale cash registers are indicated on the floor plan.

Where can I buy a shuttle bus ticket?

You can order shuttle bus tickets (return) online here for € 10.75 each (incl. Service costs), but these are also available locally (at Enschede Central). For more information about the shuttle bus tickets, check our transport page.

Please note: there are no one-way tickets. When boarding after Freshtival, it is therefore not possible to purchase a shuttle bus ticket; you must already have the ticket.

Is Freshtival sold out?

No, as soon as Freshtival is sold out, we will report this to the news section on our website and our Facebook page!


The Festival

Everything you want to know about Freshtival

What is Freshtival?

During Pentecost weekend, Freshtival transforms the magical Recreation Park Het Rutbeek into a colorful, joyful and enchanting place where friends come together to toast to their mini vacation and … let go of the party animal.

Visitors from all over the Netherlands and Europe can enjoy 2 days of dancing, going crazy, toasting, #laughter #roaring, taste culinary delights and from this year on, THREE nights stay asleep !!

What are the Freshtival opening times?

Fresh Village (camping)
Friday 7 June 3:00 PM to Monday 10 June 12:00 PM
Freshtival Saturday, June 8
14:00 – 00:00
Freshtival Sunday, June 9 – Pentecost
12:00 – 00:00

How old do I have to be?

Freshtival is accessible from 18 years and older. If in doubt, we will ask for a valid proof of identity. However, if you turn 18 in the same month of the festival, in this case in June, you will still be admitted to the festival.

So suppose: Someone enters Freshtival and his / her age is in doubt. In that case the security officer can ask for a valid proof of identity (copy is therefore not valid!). If the person concerned turns 18 in the same month (ie in June), the person may continue. If they turn 18 a month later, in this case in July, then they will unfortunately be refused.

Can I take sunscreen?

Yes this is allowed, but only if it:

• is spreadable (so no spray bottles);
• is still in a sealed package.

What can I not bring to Freshtival?

Food & Beverages – It is not possible to bring food and drinks on the festival grounds. There is plenty of opportunity to eat and drink at Freshtival. Delicious snacks from all corners of the globe, pizza points, fries, burgers: Freshtival really has it all!

Liquids – For safety reasons it is also NOT allowed to bring liquids on the festival grounds (so no deodorant, deodorant rollers, hair spray etc.) On site there is ample opportunity to freshen up or to update your hair.

Drugs, weapons and other prohibited substances – In short: everything that can hurt yourself or someone else or cause injury. At the entrance there is a complete list with everything that is forbidden. Fortunately, many more things are allowed!

Until what time can I still enter the festival site?

On both Saturday and Sunday it is still possible to enter the Freshtival site with a valid ticket until 10 p.m.

Can I leave the festival site in between?

If you have a camping wrist band, this is possible (via the camping entrance). If you do not have a camping wrist band, this is unfortunately not possible.

When will the timetable be announced?

The timetable will be announced about a week before Freshtival. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the latest updates.

When will the floor plan be announced?

The floor plan will be announced about a week before Freshtival. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the latest updates.

How can I pay at Freshtival?

At Freshtival you pay with tokens that you can use all weekend. You can purchase the tokens with your debit card / credit card (Mastercard / VISA / Maestro) or in cash.

Can you also use Saturday's tokens for Sunday?

Yes, the tokens for Freshtival 2019 are valid for the entire weekend, both on the festival grounds and on the campsite.

Can the tokens from last year still be used?

No, these are no longer valid.

Are there lockers?

Sure! You can rent a locker at the entrance to Freshtival and at the campsite. You can store your belongings easily and safely in these lockers. The size of a locker is: 30 cm wide, 40 cm deep and 24 cm high.A limited number of Large lockers are also available at the campsite: 30 cm wide, 40 cm deep and 39 cm high.

You can purchase a voucher or code in advance via our ticket page.

Help! My cellphone is empty ... What now?

No worries! We also thought of this. You can buy power banks at all merchandise stands, fresh points and at the campsite’s supermarket.

Can I bring a selfie stick or GoPro?

A selfie stick is allowed, just like a GoPro. Shoot a nice photo or make a cool video and don’t forget to send it to us (info@absolutelyfresh.nl).

But make sure that you don’t bother other people.

Can I bring professional photographic equipment?

It is not permitted to include (semi) professional photography and video equipment (with interchangeable lenses) on the festival grounds. Smartphones and small compact cameras with a built-in lens are allowed. In addition, the Freshtival media team will be present throughout the weekend to record every corner of Freshtival. These images will be posted online after the event.

What are the house rules?

It is important to read the house rules before you enter the site, because only then you know exactly what you can expect from yourself and your festival visitors. You will find the house rules just before the entrance. Take a moment, we have kept it as short as possible.

What can I eat and drink?

Naturally, much attention is paid to eating and drinking at Freshtival. With a varied selection you can choose from various drinks, cocktails, snacks, meals, ice cream and fruit. It is not allowed to enter the festival grounds with your own food and / or drinks.

Is there running water?

There is running water at the toilets.

Are there dress codes?

In principle it cannot be crazy enough for us, the only thing we do not want is offensive, racist, condemning clothing / statements. It is also not allowed to come in clothing that makes you recognizable as a group. Freshtival is a low-threshold event where everyone must be able to feel at ease!

I recently gave birth and am looking for some privacy during Freshtival!

Every year we look forward to the arrival of the young mothers who don’t want to miss Freshtival! Of course we have thought of these young mothers, because they sometimes need a moment to arrange some (important) things. This is of course possible with us in the first aid. You can just walk in here and you don’t have to report this in advance 🙂

Can I hang up banners, flyers or banners on Freshtival?

Promotion is prohibited on and around the site of Freshtival. This will therefore be strictly monitored. Any fines and / or cleaning costs will be recovered from the relevant persons and / or organizations. So be warned!

For advertising opportunities you can contact us via our contact form.

Are cigarettes available?

Unfortunately, no cigarettes are available at the festival site! Smoking is also not allowed in any festival tent!

Are you prepared for bad weather?

Freshtival has many tents, these offer you a dry place to stay at all times and here you have all the options to keep going! In addition, we have wooden floors at all areas so that you don’t have to walk in the mud. Of course we also have ponchos. So even in case of bad weather; it’s always Freshtival again!

What if I use medication and / or have an allergy?

Bringing medication and/or own food is not allowed, unless you can prove the necessity for it. Medication must be in the original packaging with consumer medicine information leaflet.

I lost something!

We collect all found items during and after Freshtival. Everything that is not collected on the day itself is handed over to the municipality. All items will be placed on the “Lost or Found” website approximately 2 business days after the event. You can also make a report there yourself if you have lost something: see their FAQ for more information.



From A to Freshtival

Do you have a question about transportation?

Then it’s best to take a look at our transport page. All information about this clearly arranged.



Will you sleep over?

Where is Fresh Village?

The campsite is close to the festival site at Recreatiepark Het Rutbeek. This way you will get from your tent to your favorite area in no time. Hopping there, and crawling back! The navigation address is Haaksbergerstraat 1010, 7548 PC Enschede. Turn off your navigation as soon as you see the yellow “Camping” signs.

When is the campsite open?

Fresh Village opens its magic doors on Friday June 7 at 3:00 PM and then closes on Monday June 10 (Pentecost Monday) at noon.

Do you have another question about the campsite?

Then it’s best to take a look at the Fresh Village page. Here you will find all the information you need to know about the Freshtival campsite clearly arranged.


Working & performing

DJs, volunteers...

Can I register as a volunteer at Freshtival?

We are always looking for good volunteers. Similarly for Freshtival Weekend 2019! Check this page for all the information.

I'm a DJ, could I perform at Freshtival? Or send a demo?

We are unfortunately already sorted in this area. This is therefore no longer possible.



Freshtival in the picture

I am a photographer / journalist, how do I get a press card?

For press requests you can fill in and send the form on this page.