Fresh Village

Welcome to the craziest and most “gezellige” camping of the east! Your Valhalla to start your mini-holiday in style. Straight to the water, beach and festival site. Unfold that tent and jump in the biggest silent disco in Twente. And the best part: tomorrow we do it again, because Fresh Village is open for three days. Eat, sleep, rave, repeat! Everything you want to know about this fabulous camping can be found below.

Fresh Village; that’s why!

Whether you live around the corner or in Guatela-who-the-hell-cares: Fresh Village is the place to stay during Freshtival. Here the party never stops. Get your friends in because your mini holiday starts here! 

Never going home

That’s the spirit. Because after midnight the party isn’t over, we move to our campsite for the biggest silent discos of the east. At a stone’s throw away from the festival site: your Valhalla to stay for 1, 2, or 3 nights!


It’s nearly impossible to describe the ultimate Freshtival feeling. Fabulous, overwhelming, creative, crazy, sweet, rebellious… No, you just have to experience it. Because here, you will make memories for live.

Escape the ordinairy!

Flee from that daily rut! At the camping, you will really be away from all the obligations and you can enjoy a care-free weekend with your best friends.

Mini vacation

Fresh Village is so much more than just a camping. Anything goes here. Join the pre-party right after the afterparty, bootcamp, barbecue and play games until you can’t play no more. Can do!


Freshtival has been a tradition for many people for many years. That Weekender is something you HAVE to tick off your bucketlist.

At your service

We have solutions for ALL inconveniences. For instance: can’t sleep? Call the bedtime story team! They will come and read you a bedtime story, so you will sleep like a baby within no-time.

Memories forever

It’s all about making memories! Start new friendships, find your new love or experience great adventures with your very friends. You’ll be bringing up unforgettable memories of this legendary weekend for many years!

Your bed around the corner

Last but not least: you don’t need a bob or taxi! Your bed is literally around the corner on our campsite. But believe us when we say, sleeping will probably be the last thing you think about during Freshtival.



Freshtival does not end on the festival terrain. The party just goes on and on at Fresh Village. From corny karaoke to hottubs and from the bootcamp hour to Der Nachtdienst (silent disco). Bring on the positive vibes!

The activity line-up for Freshtival Weekend 2022 will follow soon.



Besides all the cool activities, a place to charge your phone, a shower, and a clean toilet would be nice as well. At Fresh Village you will find all facilities that you and your friends need.

Fresh Village

The Fresh Village Supermarket


Forgot your toothbrush? Finished your beer, or is it warm by now? Inflatable mattress is ‘uninflatable’ for some reason? Countless of items can be found in our supermarket.

  • Freshly prepared: sandwiches, warm sandwiches, fried eggs, croissants and snacks (sweet/savory);
  • Drinkers: beer, mixed, soft drinks, warm drinks;
  • Sweets, cake and ice cream;
  • Juices, dairy, vegetables and fruit;
  • Camping items: powerbanks, ponchos, flash lights, seat cushions, inflatable matresses, beach chairs, tents…. You name it!
  • Drugstore: from paracetamol to antacids and from contact liquid to sunscreen.
Fresh Village


For proper chilling out

Fresh Village is located on the beautiful beach of Het Rutbeek. Here you can relax in the sand, swim, build sandcastles, or get crazy… Anything goes!

Fresh Village

Proper sanitary facilities

Not to be forgotten!

There are plenty of showers available to freshen up at Fresh Village. You’ll be ready to go after that good shower! Showers are open the entire day, except between 01:00 and 07:00 in the morning, due to cleaning and maintenance.

On Monday you can shower until 10 a.m. There are of course also plenty of toilets on the festival grounds and the campsite.

Fresh Village

Breakfast and more…

Never go on an empty stomach!

At Fresh Village you can enjoy a lovely breakfast, a good cup of coffee to wake up, and some fresh and healthy fruit. The ideal foundation for another day of festival! Feel for a proper meal after all that dancing later?

There’s definitely something for you on the camping. You and your rumbling stomach can visit us at the Village Supermarket to find a broad variety of meals and snacks.

Fresh Village

Forgot your pump?

At your service!

Because blowing up your mattress yourself is a nightmare, because you forgot your pump at home, or just because it’s a chore-and-a-half to do it, we have air pumps at the information desk! For all your inflatable matresses, dolls and crocodiles. So, you can save your hot breath for other moments.

Fresh Village

Shuttle busses to the camping

Getting to the camping from the train station and back without a worry!

Our shuttle busses make using public transport to get to Freshtival really easy! The shuttle busses are ready to take you from Central Station Enschede to the camping and back. No need to make a plan. We’ll do it for you!

The shuttle buses only run on Saturday and Sunday, not on Friday or Monday. Shuttle bus times:

  • Saturday: 10:00 – 01:00
  • Sunday: 10:00 – 01:00

The shuttle buses run back and forth. There are no fixed arrival or departure times. Shuttle bus tickets are return tickets.

Fresh Village


Lock your valuables away

You can safely leave your valuables in one of the lockers. Want to secure your locker already? Order yours in our ticket shop! Have your ticket scanned at the information desk at the camping in exchange for your vault number + code.

Fresh Village

Special parking space

Walking distance!

You can park your car at walking distance from Fresh Village! Just follow the yellow signs and we’ll see you there! This car park is open on Friday from 12:00 (noon).

Fresh Village

Charge your phone

Stay connected!

Is your battery dead? No problem! Charge your phone at one of the charging points. Or just get yourself a powerbank at the Village Market!

Fresh Village

Information desk

For questions and cool stories!

Got an urgent question, remark or suggestion? Lost your stuff or found something? Check our information desk, where you’ll find trash bags for example.

Fresh Village

First aid

First aid under danger (FAUD)

Whoops! Accidentally hammered a peg through your hand, swallowed confetti or got your good mood smashed to pieces by the terrible opening line from your neighbor? The FAUD is ready to fix you up, day and night!


Are you a die hard camper? Or do you rather have it fancy? Fresh Village has several options for accommodation and upgrade. There will always be something that suits you. Have a look!

Fresh Village

Friends Areas

Your own little lot (including electricity)

A premium spot on Camping 1 (= campsite at the waterfront)! A Friends area entails: an allocated piece of ground, your name on a sign and enough space for your tents and chairs. Power supply (à €45,-) is included. We offer:

  • Friends Area SMALL (4 to 10 persons)
    max 60m2 | €150,- ex fee
  • Friends Area MEDIUM (11 to 16 persons)
    max 100m2 | €225,- ex fee
  • Friends Area LARGE (17 to 24 persons)
    max 150m2 | €325,- ex fee

Check ‘View Info’ below for more information.

View info
Fresh Village

Own accommodation

Do it yourself

Did you get yourself a ‘Freshtival Camping + Weekend’ ticket? This gives you a standard camping spot at Fresh Village (campsite 2). Get your camping gear from the attic and set up a camp with your friends!

Fresh Village

Camper / caravan / popup camper

For the real camping vibes

Found a nice caravan on Marktplaats recently? Or still have that popup camper standing around? Bring that stuff! Your caravan, camper or popup camper are welcome at Fresh Village. A ‘Caravan / Camper Ticket (with electricity)’ costs € 85 (ex € 4 fee).

Where will my camper/caravan be located?
At campsite 3! The place to be for all caravans!

Check-in times caravans/campers:
Friday: 16:00 – 19:00
Saturday: 11:00 – 13:00
Sunday: not available
Monday: 12:00 – 14:00

Wat fits in my camper/caravan area?
In your camper/caravan area fits more than just a caravan! This spot offers space for 1 caravan / camper and 2 tents in addition to a power point. But please pay attention! Not all vehicles are allowed. Check the ‘more info’ button below for the conditions.

View info
Fresh Village

Delta Deluxe

Practical, comfortable ánd very cozy!

With its playful shapes, cheerful colors and wooden frame, the Delta Deluxe tent is a playful and practical tent that is equipped with two made-up beds, lighting, two chairs, a floor in and in front of the tent & a lock. You are at Campsite 1 (= the campsite next to the beach). Ideal!

Ticket prices | Delta Deluxe tent (3 nights, 2 people):

  • Regular: €265,-

The above price does not include a €4 fee. Limited availability!

View info
Fresh Village

The Lodge

Glamping is nothing.

The Lodge guarantees the ultimate glamping feeling! We will make sure it’s set up and ready for you on your arrival! It’s equipped with two made beds, a wooden floor, a night desk, lighting, two chairs and a lock. This is located on Camping 1 (= the campsite at the waterfront)! Enjoyment to the max!

Ticket prices | The Lodge (3 nights, 2 people):

  • Regular: €330,-

The above price does not include a €4 fee.

View info
Fresh Village


Genius & ideal!

The Tipi is a great and comfortable Tipi in style. We will make sure it’s set up and ready for you on your arrival! In the tipi you’ll find sleeping mats, sleeping bags and soft pillows with pillowcases. In terms of sleeping, you’re sorted and don’t need to bring anything to this premium spot on the camping site (camping 1, next to the beach)! Ideal!

Ticket prices | Tipi’s (3 nights, 2 people):

  • Regular: €140,-

The above price does not include a €4 fee. Limited availability!

View info
Fresh Village

Upgrade-options on the camping

Upgrade your Freshtival experience to the next level!

We like to make sure there’s nothing missing in your perfect Freshtival Weekend. It is now possible to add an upgrade to your Camping-ticket. What’s on the menu:

  • Sixpack of cold beers
  • Cooled water bottles
  • BBQ-meat package
  • Partytent

Shall we go?

And can we welcome you and your friends to our Fresh Village campsite?! This promises to be one in the books! View the different tickets that fit your adventure here. And check out the useful info below, before you storm our entrance gates with all your belongings!


I’d like to have my own place (and tent) on Fresh Village. Which ticket is the one for me?

A ‘Camping + Weekend’-ticket gives you a standard camping place on Camping 2 of Fresh Village. Sweet! So, get your camping stuff from the attic, bring your sleeping gear and put up your tent with your friends in the sun!

Camping 1 (= the campsite at the waterfront) will be completely filled with Friends Areas and pre-set tents (Tipi, Delta Deluxe and The Lodge) this year.

Choose your camping tickets here

What upgrade options are available on the camping this year?

We like to make sure there’s nothing missing in your perfect Freshtival Weekend. So this is what you can add to the menu:

  • Sixpack of cold beers
  • Cooled water bottles
  • BBQ-meat package
  • Partytent

Get your upgrades in our ticketshop.

Where can I pick up my camping upgrades?

All Camping Upgrades above can be collected (on presentation of your ticket) at the Fresh Village Supermarket at the campsite.

Useful facts

Where is Fresh Village?

The camping is next tot he festival site on Recreatiepark Het Rutbeek. Therefore you can make your way from your tent to your favorite artist within no-time. Hop your way there, crawl your way back! The navigation address is Haaksbergerstraat 1010, 7548 PC Enschede. Make sure you switch off your GPS as soon as you see the yellow ‘Freshtival’ / ‘Camping’ signs.

How do I get to the camping?

Arriving by public transport? Take the shuttle bus from Enschede central station to Fresh Village. You and your bags will be dropped off right in front of the entrance, so you won’t have to drag all your stuff around. Get your shuttle bus return ticket in our ticketshop.

The shuttle buses only run on Saturday and Sunday, not on Friday or Monday. Shuttle bus times:

  • Saturday: 10:00 – 01:00
  • Sunday: 10:00 – 01:00

For Friday and/or Monday we advise you to take a taxi (reserve this in advance if necessary).

Are you coming by car?
With a valid camping parking ticket you have access to the parking area that’s located directly next to the camping site.

For more information about transport, check this page.

How to get access to the camping?

Entering Fresh Village is only allowed with a valid camping ticket, which can be purchased in our ticketshop. Your bags will be checked at the entrance to see if your items are allowed. Please carefully read the camping regulations to find out what is and what is not allowed on the camping.

I’ve got a Fresh Village ticket! Can I leave and return the camping in between?

Yep! No problem. The wristband (camping + festival) allows you to leave the terrain (via the camping entrance) and return without hassle. Please note that bringing food and drinks onto the camping site is allowed only once, you will be checked for this at the entrance.

Is there place for disabled people on the camping?

We sure took disabled people into consideration for the camping! Please notify us by mail, they will take you through the possibilities. Please notify us by email, so that together we can look for a suitable campsite spot.

How can I make payment on the camping?

The currency on Freshtival and Fresh Village are our tokens, which you can use the entire weekend. Tokens can be purchased at the camping with your bank card and credit card (Mastercard / VISA / Maestro) or by cash.

Can I bring my medication onto the camping site?

Medicines, foods and liquids that are necessary due to allergy or illness may be brought in to the event grounds with a medication passport. A medication passport is available from any pharmacy, taking into account an application time of approximately 3 weeks.

Can I light a massive fire?

Ehh, how about no? Weather permitting, we have set up chill-out areas in the campsite where a campfire may crackle, but making your own campfire is strictly forbidden. This also applies to fireworks and big BBQ’s.

What is absolutely not allowed (and what is)? (Camping regulations)

Visual summary of what (not) to bring!

Read the full Camping Regulations and the House Rules.

Anything that might negatively influence the experience of others, is not allowed on the terrain. In case of doubt or disccusion about the regulations, the organization will always have the final say. Any violation of these rules will lead to removal from the camping and a denial of access to Freshtival.

Friends Areas

What’s a Friends Area?

Once more in Fresh Village this year… The Friends Areas! Would you like to get a premium spot on Camping 1 with your best friends? An allocated lot, your own name sign, power supply & plenty of space for your own partytent? Sounds perfect, no? “Only” coming with four friends? No problem! We offer:

  • Friends Area SMALL = 4 to 10 persons (max 60m2): €150,- ex fee
  • Friends Area MEDIUM = 11 to 16 persons (max 100m2): €225,- ex fee
  • Friends Area LARGE = 17 to 24 persons (max 150m2): €325,- ex fee
Will a ‘Friends Area-ticket’ give me access to the festival and the camping?

Nope. The Friends Area-ticket is an upgrade, and this does not include festival entrance or camping entrance. These tickets are available separately in the ticketshop. Every visitor is required to have a Camping + Weekend ticket.

Can me and my friends bring a caravan or camper to our Friends Area?

Unfortunately caravans and campers are not allowed on Friends Areas. Only tents are allowed.

Please note! We do not offer ready-made tents in the Friends Areas.

What’s the size of the Friends Area?

There are different Friends Areas available. The possibilities with sizes are:

  • Friends Area SMALL = max 100 m2
  • Friends Area MEDIUM = max 150 m2
  • Friends Area LARGE = max 225 m2

Please note! Max really means maximum! Take this into account. Go big or go home, sure, but it would be a pity to find out your party tent is too big for your Friends Area.

Are there upgrade options for the Friends Areas?

No, this year power is already included and there are no other specific upgrades for the Friends Areas.

What can and cannot be plugged in to the power supply?

What can I plug in?

  • Phone charger
  • Fan
  • Electric pump
  • Laptop
  • Radio
  • Electric razor
  • Pie iron (max. 1)
  • Kettle (max. 1)
  • Blow dryer (max. 1)

Please note: do not use more than one pie iron, kettle or blow dryer simultaneously.

What can I not plug in?

  • Radiator
  • Electric heater
  • Frying pan
  • Stove
  • Oven
  • Microwave
  • Large speakers
  • Amplifiers
  • Airconditioners
  • Irons
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Any other devices

Please note!
> One power socket per Friends Area is provided (ready for you on arrival). Make sure to bring your own extension cords + reel (+/- 25 meters)!

> The group of friends is responsible for the power usage. Abuse may lead to cutting of the power supply.

For when you lost track of time…

What are the opening times for the camping?

Fresh Village opens her magical gates on Friday at 15:00 and closes on Monday at 12:00 (noon).

When do I need to leave the camping latest?

The camping needs to be clear and tidy at 12:00 (noon) on Monday.

Everything about (camping) tents

What’s the max tent size allowed on the camping site?

The size of the tent needs to be reasonable compared to the amount of people sleeping inside. There is no size limit, but please be considerate and don’t take more than 2 m2 per person. You can’t just place your tent anywhere. The organization / camping host will get you a nice spot that keeps the fire exits clear.

Please note!

  • Tents that are set up beforehand are not allowed. It is also not allowed to take your tent onto the camping site with a trailer. You will have to carry your tent yourself or use a wheelbarrow / handtruck that fits through the inspection gates (70 cm wide).
  • The organization and camping host reserve the right to reject tents or replace them.
Can I bring a party tent?

Yes you can! However, the same regulations apply as for normal tents. Party tents can only be placed at the direction of the organization / camping host, and may be 3 x 3 m max. It is not allowed to create a circle of tents with a party tent in the center. Or buy it in advance in our ticket shop and pick it up upon arrival on presentation of the ticket!

Do I have to sleep in a tent?

You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to! Aside from your own tent on Camping 2, there are numerous options for spending the night at Fresh Village. Check them out here (link to ticketshop will follow)!
For instance, bring your own caravan for Camping 3 (= the caravan campsite) or go for that ready-made Tipi, Delta Deluxe or The Lodge on Camping 1 (= the campsite at the waterfront)!

When can I check in with my tent?

Check in is possible on:

Friday: between 15:00 and 22:00
Saturday: between 10:00 and 18:00

When can I check out with my tent?

Check out is possible until Monday 12:00 (noon). After that, your spot on the camping (and the entire camping) needs to be clear and tidy.

Can I put up a tent for my friends who arrive later?

Yes, but always consult the organization / camping host before you do.

House on wheels

Can I park my caravan / camper on the camping?

Sure you can! Found a nice caravan on Marktplaats recently? Or still have that popup camper standing around? Bring that stuff! Your caravan, camper or popup camper is welcome at Camping 3 (= the caravan campsite) on Fresh Village. You will need a separate upgrade ticket called: ‘Caravan / Camper Ticket (with power supply)’.

Please note: Only vehicles that are registered as ‘camping vehicle’ are allowed on the terrain. This does not include temporarily converted vehicles with a mattress. Caravans or campers longer than 7 meters are not allowed in.

How big are the caravan/camper spots?

A caravan / camper spot is 28 m2 max (about 7 x 4m). There will be enough place to stall your caravan / camper and to place two small (extra) tents by your caravan / camper.

When can I check in with my caravan / camper?

Planning to come to Freshtival with a caravan or camper? Check in is possible at the following times:

Friday: 16:00 until 19:00
Saturday: 11:00 until 13:00
Sunday: not possible

When can I check out with my caravan / camper?

Check out is possible on Monday between 12:00 (noon) and 14:00.


Can I also just book a hotel nearby Freshtival?

That is possible, but you will have to arrange it yourself.

Are there ready-made tents at Freshtival?

Do you love camping, but you also enjoy some comfort and luxury? The ready-made tents at Fresh Village are there so you don’t have to worry about setting up camp, AND you’ll have a guaranteed spot on Camping 1 (= the campsite at the waterfront).

Please note! Limited availability.

Check out the several options below:

  • Tipi
  • Delta Deluxe
  • The Lodge

The ready-made tents can not be placed on a Friends Area.


Is there power supply and water available at Fresh Village?

There are no power and running water facilities at the actual camping spots. Of course there are plenty of possibilities for charging your phone, blow-drying your hair or drinking a glass of water. The caravan/camper and Friends Area tickets do include power supply.

Powerbanks are available in the supermarket on the camping.

Are there showers at Fresh Village?

Sure thing! After a long day of partying you can sure use a good shower… and it’s at no extra costs!

Are there lockers at Fresh Village where I can safely store my belongings?

You can store all your valuables safely in one of the lockers. Want to make sure you secure yours already? Order one via our ticket shop!

Can I park my car close to Fresh Village?

You can park your car at walking distance from Fresh Village on the special camping parking space! Just follow the yellow signs and we’ll see you there!

Great activities

What kind of special activities should I expect at Fresh Village?

More info soon!

Are there going to be afterparties after midnight again?

You bet! We’re even doing pre AND afterparties.

The last banger sounds and then it’s over, the music fades out and the masses start moving towards the exit. Do you never want to go home either? The welcome-party at Fresh Village starts on Friday already, and continues well into Saturday and Sunday! Until 4 in the morning we host the greatest silent discos of Twente (@Grolsch Area)!

Hip hop, dance, rock classics and sing-a-long songs. Spontanious b2b sets and cool artists partying with you and your friends. No limits here! And afterwards… you’re very close to bed!

Can I swim, too?

Nothing beats a dip in the water, right under a lovely spring sun. Between 08:00 in the morning and sunset, swimming is allowed in Het Rutbeek!

Fine foods & drinks!

What food and drinks can I expect at Fresh Village?

Located on Fresh Village is the Fresh Village Supermarket, where you’ll find everything you need for the weekend!

Can I bring food and drinks?

Bringing food and drinks onto the camping is allowed only the first time, when checking in. After that it’s not allowed anymore. Each visitor is allowed to bring:

  • 4 liters of drinks (we do not make a distinction between non-alcoholic or alcoholic drinks). Sealed containers only.

Glassware is always forbidden!!

In our ticketshop you can buy cooled cans of beer and bottles of water in advance, to be picked up at the Fresh Village supermarket.

Of course there are also enough cold (soda) drinks available at the Fresh Village supermarket. More info about this will follow later.

Can I bring a BBQ?

At the lovely white beach of Het Rutbeek you can prepare your delicious meal on the joint BBQ’s! No more space available? Get yourself a disposable BBQ in the shop or bring your own.

Please note! We only allow disposable BBQ’s on the camping, so please leave those massive BBQ’s at home!

In our ticketshop you can buy a BBQ-pack (meat) in advance, to be picked up at the Fresh Village supermarket.

Camping Tickets

Don’t miss this adventure. Check all camping tickets here: from your own friends area to tipis, lodges and deluxe tents.

Check out all camping tickets for 2022