Changing day or ticket type? Read how it works here.

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03 Nov

Changing or upgrading your ticket(s) can be arranged by you – as the main booker – yourself in your Absolutely Fresh order account. After cancelling your one ticket, you will receive a credit with which you can order your other, new ticket.

This is how it works: 👇🏽

  • Log in to your Absolutely Fresh account via this page.
  • Open your Freshtival Weekend 2024 order.
  • Select the tickets you want to change.
  • Read the disclaimer at the bottom and mark for Agree.
  • You will receive a credit (ticket price + service fee of the old tickets) that can be redeposited in the ticketshop.
  • Choose your new tickets in the shop and go through the ordering process.
  • After completing your new order, your old tickets will be cancelled.

Note: It could be that you have a Super Loyalty ( = phase 1) Saturday ticket and you now want to go to Freshtival on Sunday. Then there is a price difference because we are already in a later phase at this point. You will then have to pay something extra.

Ticket change is possible from 6 November 19.00 until Sunday, 17 April 2024 – 23:59.

What if the value of the tickets is NOT the same?

  1. Price new order higher than credit = additional payment.
  2. Credit higher than price new order = unused credit expires.

💡 Tip: order extras like a locker, parking ticket or cold drinks at the campsite from your unused credits.

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