Ticket instruction videos: Personalisation and Name Change

Category: Tickets
24 Mar

Tickets here, tickets there… Can’t see the wood for the trees anymore? We understand that! In our FAQ we try to help step by step with answers to the most frequently asked questions.

If you are more visually inclined, we have also created three instructional videos for you. Hopefully the videos will help clarify things about personalising, claiming and name changes.

Please note: the names of the buttons depend on the language. In the videos we have used the Dutch version.
Please note2: Personalisation and Name Change only apply to entrance tickets; the other tickets are in the name of the main purchaser by default.

There is no specific English version, but we think the videos speak for themselves. You can choose between a Dutch and a German versions of the videos.

Lost your tickets? Or want to renew them to 2022? Have them resent to you!
Only the main booker can do this. Download your/your renewed 2022 ticket(s) here and personalize them with the correct names.

Please note: it’s not mandatory to renew your tickets to 2022. By renewing you are only updating the design and information on it. The barcode remains the same. As a result, cancelled tickets from 2020/2021 are also valid as entrance tickets for Freshtival 2022.

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