New: sell your tickets + waitinglist

Category: Freshtival 2022
13 May

We understand that some have missed their chance for a ticket. And that some unfortunately can’t. That’s why we have a new tool to bring ticket holders and ticket seekers together. Super fast, convenient and above all 100% safe.

How does this (new) system work?


  • Go to the page of your order via the orange button at the bottom of the confirmation email.
    Can’t find your confirmation email? Have it sent to you again.
  • To return your tickets, choose “Sell” > “Sell your tickets”.
  • Select the tickets you no longer want to use and click “Confirm”.
    You can reverse this as long as your tickets have not been sold to anyone else.
  • If your ticket was bought by someone else, you will receive a full refund (ticket price + service fee) using the payment method you used to place your order.

Please note: you will only receive a refund if your ticket was purchased by someone else. Therefore, we offer no guarantee that you can actually return your ticket and get your money back. At the moment there are a lot of people on the waiting list, so chances are you will lose your ticket(s) soon.


  • Sign up for the waiting list.
  • Select the number of tickets you want to buy.
    You can only submit 2 tickets at a time. Looking for more tickets? Then register several times.
  • If there is a match, you will receive an email from Paylogic.
    Note: after this email you have 24 hours to complete your order. After those 24 hours your reservation expires and the next person on the waiting list will get the opportunity to buy the tickets.
  • After completing your order, you will receive a confirmation email with a button to personalise your ticket.
  • Once your ticket is personalised, you can download it.
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